Lacson Family Website Lacson Family Website November 7, 1998
Thanks for visiting the Lacson family website, a portal for information about and for the Lacson family.

The Lacson family website has been on the Internet since November 7, 1998! Back then, we had ambitious plans. First, we established a message board, open to all, which we hoped would be a meeting place for Lacson family members. Soon, however, our message board was taken over by vandals and SPAMers. We were forced to shutdown the message board, however, the first 1,000 original postings are available for download as a ZIPped file:

You may view any of these messages, however the message board links no longer function. Today, Yahoo Groups provides a much better message board service than we ever could. We will provide links to Lacson family message boards--just let us know.

In 1998 we hoped to provide an e-mail service so that members of the Lacson family could have their own e-mail address. And then came Yahoo and Google mail services! We can't compete with those free e-mail services, however we will provide, at no cost, a limited number of lifetime e-mail addresses to verified members of the Lacson family.

We'll add links to information and resources of interest to the Lacson family as they become available.

Lacson Family Website

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